At Home With Yourself

“Your life, just as it is unfolding moment-to-moment is meant for you.”
-The Way of Mastery


Integrate mindfulness and heartfulness into your daily life!
ONLINE class held monthly (donation based)

Next Class
WHEN: Tuesday, September 17th @ 7pm MST
WHERE: Zoom (online) 
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Freedom is found in our willingness to embrace and live fully the very life that is flowing though us in each moment. When we open our hearts and accept ‘what is’, we rest in the peace that the mind can never know.

I am excited to bring together a community of souls that are willing to go into their own lived experience and bring healing to the fragmented parts of themselves. We all know what it’s like to be at war with ourselves. We go there all the time. When we are faced with challenging situations or when difficult emotions arise, we can be quick to turn on ourselves in criticism, judgement, or blame. It creates more suffering when we are already feeling vulnerable. If we really want to feel at home with ourselves, we need is to meet what’s showing up with kindness and compassion. This shift in how we ARE with ourselves is what helps our world become a more loving and inclusive place to live.

Together we will open our hearts fearlessly to life. The very life that’s flowing through you right NOW- the fear, the pain, the joy, the uncertainty, the love, and the grief. We must practice, and it is a lifelong practice, embracing it all through noticing, allowing, and nurturing our inner life. It’s my intention that these classes help you move beyond a small, limited self and awaken your radiance. It is this radiance that trusts in our goodness and knows that there is a love in this world that’s here for us.


Each class will incorporate a short talk and guided meditation to take you deeper into the evening’s topic.

Class Intentions:
-Strengthen mindfulness tools and practices
-Slow down and tune into yourself
-Quiet your mind and free you from the grip of obsessive thinking, worry, and doubt
-Free you from identification with a limited, small, fearful self
-Anchor you into greater self-love, acceptance, peace, and joy
-Help you live in alignment with you heart
-Work through beliefs systems that hold you back

Please RSVP to to attend.
I will send you an email prior to class with Zoom information.

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